ULearnChinese Packs 1 - 2
(These have been approved by Hanban for YCT exams)

Pricing: Each complete master pack, with permission to copy and print within the purchasing organisation, is GBP200. Additional text books can be purchased, photocopied or printed locally from the CD which is part of the pack - see below.

The author, Ena Niedergang, a trained teacher who has a true love of Chinese language and culture, together with a Chinese advisory team representing Hanban, has endeavoured to make the language as accessible as possible.    ULearnChinese enables any school to introduce Chinese language and culture in an interesting, effective, affordable and pedagogically sound manner, with a licence to copy materials within the purchasing institution.

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ULearnChinese master packs for each level contain everything a teacher might need.  The course has been piloted from primary level, in various teaching patterns, to 16 yr old students as a week long intensive introductory module.

Text Book  Each text book has five themed units introducing new vocabulary supported with re-inforcement exercises. Designed in A5 format it can be opened flat on the desk and can be printed locally from the supplied pdfs.

Workbook  Activities linked to the text book are completed by students.  Each workbook has a variety of activites suited for a wide age range and these can be printed as required from the supplied pdfs.

Teacher's Guide With a summary of the objectives and key vocabulary for each unit the detailed teaching notes provide support for both Chinese (a Chinese version of the Teacher's guide is provided for Pack 1) and non Chinese speaking teachers.
Workbook One Teacher's guide
Chatter CD welcomeSoundbooth screen

Chatter CD  This contains three software programs to make studying Chinese more enjoyable and more effective.  The CD will run on any Windows pc XP SP 2 and above. The three programs are ULearnChinese Soundbooth, ULearnChinese Voice and a virtual keyboard for typing pinyin.

Soundbooth takes each vocabulary item enabling a student to listen to original audio and then record their own voice for comparison. To confirm understanding learners can listen to audio and either select answers or enter text in a native language or pinyin.  Animated gifs illustrate character drawing.

ULC Voice Toolbox reference

ULearnChinese Voice enables learners to improve and achieve Chinese tone accuracy.  All the vocabulary in each level is included. A learner, uisng a headset with microphone, selects and listens to the word or phrase they wish to use.  The screen display the correct tone and then superimposes the recorded tone.

Toolbox This CD is a valuable teaching aid.  It contains not only an index to all the characters used, with a reference to the YCT or HSK level, but PowerPoint presentations, with embedded audio, for every page in the textbook and so can be used for whole class teaching.  Separate files are included for all the recorded audio , animated gifs are provided for every character and worksheeets for every character can be printed locally.

ULearnChinese 1-2 Hanban Approved Version is copyright Chinese Language Publishing and Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters). Permission is given to purchasers of the pack, or constituent parts, to photocopy, print from PDFs and install and copy software for use only within, or by students from, the purchasing institution.  Purchasing institutions may also register on the web site to enable access to additional resources. Some additional resources on the web site will be made available under an Attribution-Non Commercial Share Alike licence for general use.