Mandarin Teaching Expansion Programme

Programme support

Bids for the UK Government's Mandarin Teaching Expansion Programme are now being considered. It has a defined aim of attracting a minimum of 5000 new students taking Mandarin to a high fluency level, starting in Year 7 this year, by 2020 and with an expectation that University courses combining Chinese with a wide range of subjects will be available in 2022 when they enter Higher Education.

This means substantial changes will be needed in both MFL delivery and teacher training as well as in HE provision. Schools will receive incentive payments and pupils will be supported financially when visiting China.

A decision on the approved bidder will be made early in April but the contract will not be awarded until discussions have taken place between the contractor and the DfE expert committee on methods of delivery and resource provision.

Details of the Mandarin Teaching Expansion Programme can be accessed by clicking the link.

China is a country of huge strategic importance to the UK and education plays a key role in developing that wider relationship with important economic, educational and diplomatic benefits. The Government firmly believes that learning other languages is important in our globalised economy, as well as helping pupils to prepare for life in modern Britain. On 22 September the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced funding of 10 000 000 GBP for at least 5000 additional pupils to be taught Mandarin in schools in England by 2020.