Word Games:

For the last few years we have been working with software developers to make it easier to create word games as an aid to learning languages. To test the usefulness of a series of games designed for learners embarking on Chinese we loaded 68 word games on to the TES websites in the UK, USA and Australia

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So far this year there have been over 54000 views and nearly 20000 downloads of our photocopiable resources.

Here are some examples of the word games we create. If you need your own vocabulary put into games them all we need are the words/pinyin/chinese characters. These could be in a word table or excel spreadsheet.

The word games need to be viewed at A4 size and so the links below will open a pdf of the example game. Each game comes with a teacher version with the answers. The examples shown have this key but some sample games for early vocabulary with both versions can be downloaded from our Downloads page.The games can be altered to make them harder by removing translations.

Alphabet Soup

Hidden pinyin with a letter to be written in. Meanings in English 


Using the across and down clues in English, write the corrrect pinyin in the puzzle

Magic Square

Match the words with the clues and add up the rows and columns


Match the words in English with pinyin

Multiple Choice

Select the correct words to match the pinyin

Select the correct pinyin

Select the correct pinyin to match the meaning


Answer the clues to make the spiral complete

Word Jumble

Unjumble the pinyin


Find the words.

Chinese Character Wordsearch

From the pinyin clues put a line around the Chinese.

Chinese Word Games Book 1
This pack contains over 200 word games in pinyin covering 93 useful words and phrases in Chinese together with five vocabulary study sheets. There are ten different types of games with increasing levels of difficulty in each and some cumulative and final assessment games. Each game has an answer sheet for teachers and may be freely printed and copied for use within the purchasing institution. At this level all the answers are in pinyin.

The vocabulary is from YCT Level 1, with additional useful words and phrases, and clues are given in English. Additional games to complete the vocabulary for YCT are in Book 2. This can be purchased from the e-shop at www.ulearnchinese.eu fordownload or in print.