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Useful Chinese Resources
These are links and descriptions to really useful tools we use on a daily basis to create Chinese language resources.  The majority are free but for some a donation to the development would be appreciated by the developers who are in most cases donating their skills for the benefit of Chinese learners.

DimSum logo

DimSum: Chinese Reading Assistant and Dictionary
This is a really useful program that enables individual words for a block of Chinese text that has been copied and pasted to be translated.  It also has a great dictionary that can search on English, pinyin and Chinese.  Click for a short user guide and download links which will open in a new window.

MDBG image 

MDBG: Word Dictionary
 A really useful on-line Chinese dictionary with downloadable versions, PC and Mac, and word analysis. Click for a short user guide and URL which will open in a new window.

Hanban Virtual Keyboard
This is a virtual keyboard running in parallel with a normal keyboard that has all 24 pinyin tones so pinyin can be typed and copied to any other application including Word Art for posters.